We are very reliable company that always gives their honest and best possible opinion to our customers. We carry out new installations and repairs to existing installations, testing, and control installations for mechanical installation. Most of our clients have service contracts to keep the cost down.

Our main aim for you and your building is to save money on your utility bills by installing greener means of energy or installing devises on your installation to use less energy. Each building has its own unique way of saving money, and we are always ready to advise you on the best possible solutions for your building


We carry out new installations and maintenance, and are always ready to give the best price and service for all areas, Air conditioning, underfloor heating systems, ventilation systems, BMS systems, and heating systems. We regularly carry out maintenance on bigger buildings in London, and we are always ready with a price to carry out maintenance on your building.

It is always more efficient and personlaized to have one contractor to carry out all you maintenance on your equipment such as, sprinklers, generators, drains, plumbing, etc. Most of our clients have service contracts of these to keep the cost low and minimise any extra bills. We are always looking to find ways to save money not only on the maintenance itself, but also on the running cost of your building. There is always a way to save money, by controlling or running plants differently and small adjustment can mean large savings.


We are always on-hand to quote a price on any building works or office fit-outs. Because we have long-standing, good, reliable connections with all trades in the industry, we are compatible on our prices.

We offer exceptional service
ALB Building Services aims to provide the highest and best standard of maintenance and service in London. We offer friendly, reliable service from mechanical, A/C, sprinklers, generator services, underfloor heating, electricians, carpenters, decorators, gas engineers and many others. Our main expertise is to save on heating and electrical utility bills and search for greener and allerternetive energy solutions. Each building has its own way of saving energy, and many times the payback time for the installation is short and worth exploring.